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Retailers Panic Over Google Site Search

Discussion in 'Google Adsense' started by admin, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Google made it easier for people to search within a small number of sites by adding a second search box to the top results for those retailers.

    Some retailers are upset with Google's additional search box that allows searchers to search within a website without leaving Google. It's not the results that upsets them, but the ads for competitors that appear alongside.

    That second box takes advantage of the useful search operator allows the searcher to limit results to a query to ones coming from a specific domain.

    Many people may not be aware that they can type something like and focus their search results this way. Google's latest project, focused on a handful of popular sites, brings up the second search box so someone using it automatically searches within the domain in question.

    It isn't being as warmly received as Google may have anticipated. The New York Times discussed the feature, and a couple of retailers complained about Google doing in its search results what Google does best: stick text ads next to them.

    The publishers and retailers who Google tapped as worthy of a dedicated search box within their sites apparently became horrified to see ads for competitors popping up alongside the site: operator results.

    Though had been one of the initial sites gifted with the second search box, it's since been removed. The Times suggested requested this. Jewelry retailer isn't part of the program, but they already told the Times they want no part of it.

    The issue demonstrates the strength, and the vulnerability, of Google's first big revenue stream. They allow advertisers to buy competitor keywords. Though Google's AdWords policies restrict the display of competitor keywords, a highly placed ad could be enough to take people away from the site they searched for to a competitor with a nicer landing page and a better deal.

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