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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by w_grace, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Hi. Here are some quick comments, which I hope you find useful :

    - name inconsistency (logo is Web Sales Place, elsewhere is Websales Place, then Web Sales Place again on the forum)
    - bright blue of Google ads text overshadows the subtle general colour scheme
    - contact email address for payments would feel better if it was at the same domain, rather than somewhere else (I see from here that you own it, but the average visitor would just see it as somewhere else)
    - lime green colour scheme of the forum jars against subtle main site colour scheme
    - http in URLs for website sales is unnecessary and distracts from the core names
    - www in URLs for website sale (including asking for it as input) is wrong as you're selling domains, not subdomains
    - typo "recieve" in newsletter signup text
    - top sections of forums (title and Introductions) refers to Web Site Place

    My basic comment here is to ask what you are trying to achieve. It has a simple, clear name that suggests a straightforward site about healthy eating, but the content ranges from cocktail recipes and cake recipes (neither of which sound particularly healthy) to diet jargon (GFCF) to a young woman whose videos are enjoyable to watch (but not solely for their links with food and exercise).

    There are also some things like two confusing menu rows at the top and the righthand column being much longer than the left hand, going well below the fold, meaning that aspects like the tag cloud are hidden. However, rather than going into the content in detail, my main feedback is that opening comment : what are you trying to achieve with the site, what is the desired tone, what is the target audience ?

    Hope that helps,
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