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Discussion in 'General Board' started by zee, May 1, 2007.

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    just noticed on another forum, makes sense for safety,

    Originally Posted by bukup View Post
    B & Q have smoke alarms 1/2 price from £2..78 for the basic model upwards to £8.?? for the ones with a hazard light built in.There are many models all reduced to choose from.

    It is always worth a small investment for a fire alarm.

    Hope this helps....thankyou.
    I'm a Firefighter and I can't understand why people buy smoke alarms when you can get them fitted free by nearly every fire service in the UK.

    I work in Greater Manchester and we fit smoke alarms with 10-year batteries for free. We also give you some literature to read through and have a quick check around your home to see if we can reduce the risk of fire for the person/family. If you get a problem with the smoke alarm the fire service will come out and replace them too. Also the smoke alarms will be sited in the correct position.

    Call your local fire station and ask about free smoke alarms.

    The number for Greater Manchester area is 0800 555 815

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