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Safer Internet Day 2015: Parents say social media a mixed blessing for kids

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by Acorn Newsbot, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Today is this year’s Safer Internet Day, which promotes the safe and responsible use of online technology among young people.

    To mark the date, we wanted to find out more about what parents think about their children’s use of social media. The new research, summarised below, looked at the impact of social technologies on overall wellbeing and found a range of interesting insights, highlighting both the benefits and the challenges of children’s exposure to social networks.

    In particular:

    Here are Knowthenet’s top tips for parents whose children are active on social media:

    • Be open with your child about social media sites and listen to any problems they may be having.
    • Instil time limits on internet usage. If possible avoid allowing smartphones and laptops in the bedroom and keep them in communal spaces.
    • Check the privacy settings of your child’s social networking sites to ensure they aren’t oversharing information or exposed to anything they shouldn’t be.
    • Educate yourself. It’s important to know how these sites work in case of a problem and remember to check the policies of social networking sites: both Facebook and Twitter have age limits of 13.
    • Set a good example yourself! If you are constantly checking and updating social media sites it sends a message to children that they should be doing the same.

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