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Discussion in 'Forum News & Feedback' started by SecNam, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Me and admin have had a chat tonight about members bumping there sales threads. We have had many complaints about this over the past few weeks so we feel we need to listen to the other members trying to sell there domains.

    Forum rule number 6:
    6. Strictly no thread bumping within a 12 hour period.

    so from now any domains posted for sale and are bumped (by the thread creator) within the 12hr period the thread will be locked for good.

    We have added new code to the site to automatically monitor thread bumping. Any member attempting to bump a thread before the 12 hours are up will receive a system message reminding them this is against forum rules (except for the bargain basement forum).

    Please note:

    the bargain basement has been changed to £50 or below and you can bump in that section for people who want to quick flip domains.

    Pm me or admin if you would like to discuss this.
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