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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by kites, May 9, 2007.

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    Last night we were testing out our soon to be rolled out drop service and out of the 4 domains we tested, we managed to Catch
    may 8th 2007 (Typo of

    may 7th 2007 Overture ranking of 626 and seen in the industry as a very good Catch
    Meaning of Samizdats

    The secret publication and distribution of government-banned literature in the former Soviet Union.
    The literature produced by this system.
    An underground press. Was the highest overture dictionary domain name up 4 grabs last night, and we beat eNom Snap to it, eNom managed to get, which was not on our list!!!!

    And $65,260 SnapNames 4/10/07 so this is very encouraging, although we know these are very overflated prices, as for anythng that is sold on SnapNames,

    initial tests on may 6th 2007 Overture Ranking of 116
    Meaning of Accessorizing

    To furnish with accessories: accessorized my outfit with a matching watch.

    To wear or select accessories: accessorizes according to the latest fashions. Overture Ranking of 219
    Meaning of Generalissimo

    The commander in chief of all the armed forces in certain countries. (Nice Typo) (Nice Typo)

    If you Would like to purchase any of the above domains, leave a pm stating the price you want to pay, there is no buy it now we will look at your bid and go from there, the reason there is no buy it now is because our new drop catching service (when released to the public) will be an auction system with NO buy it Now (BIN)

    Thank you and we look forward to catching the domains you want in the very near future
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