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    *Assume No Traffic
    *Reg'd with until March 08
    *Payment via Paypal or Escrow (at my sole descretion). Split fees.
    *Min offer $500
    *BIN to be set later

    Scheme may refer to:

    #Scheme (programming language), a minimalist, multi-paradigm dialect of Lisp
    #Scheme (mathematics), an important concept in algebraic geometry

    Scheme may also refer to some particular organizational plan or plot, including:

    #Color scheme, a set of colors chosen to be used together in some media
    #URI scheme, the outermost part of internet URIs
    #Numbering scheme, an agreed-upon method of assigning nominal numbers to entities
    #Rhyme scheme, the pattern of rhyming lines in poems and lyrics
    #Get-rich-quick scheme, a usually flawed or fraudulent scheme for earning money with low risk
    #Pyramid scheme, a non-sustainable business model involving the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people

    73,300,000 google results for the keyword "schemes"


    6349 color scheme
    4079 scheme
    1730 pyramid scheme
    1513 rhyme scheme
    1305 wedding color scheme
    1174 ponzi scheme
    860 paint scheme
    758 paint color scheme
    676 club investor pyramid scheme
    489 get rich quick scheme
    480 money making scheme
    472 window sound scheme
    467 kitchen color scheme
    and many more...

    Please Post or PM all offers :)
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