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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by Jaffaman, Dec 11, 2014.

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    With the price of oil dropping, and Russia & China buying all the gold, silver is becoming the current trend for investors.

    Most private owners of gold, have already weighed it in, a long time ago and are now searching their pockets, cupboards and drawers for silver that they can scrap for cash.

    As silver becomes more and more sought after, the amount of scrap silver that will be wanted by investors and speculators will grow. is the perfect name for this blossoming industry that will only grow and grow.

    Take the lead, in dealing in Scrap Silver. Use this domain name, to give your scrap silver business a head start or a huge boost.

    Offers are invited for this most suitable and easy to remember domain name for scrap silver investors.

    Thank you.
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