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Script Project - Search Candidates Online Profile

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by RedRichard, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. RedRichard

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    We would be interested to hear from any experienced programmers if anyone has had any experience of building a script that is capable of supporting a recruiter to easily research a candidates online foot print.

    To further clarify:-

    At the moment we are building a talent CV bank where applications for advertised jobs come in and we parse the applicants CV and score the candidate according to suitability.

    What we now want to do is buy a script that would enable us to add a button that when clicked on would open up a window with results of direct links to candidates web foot prints including social networking profiles as well as other places recruiters would go to conduct research.

    So it would be a kind of tool that would help with speeding up the researching of candidate’s online profiles that have applied for a Job.

    In other words, lets say we have a Cv in from a Joe Blogs, lives in London, email address we would want it to look for information on Joe blogs from say Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Google etc and deliver the found results in an easy to follow format. Taking some of the effort away from having to type in lots of different requests.

    At the moment, a recruiter would have to go to each respective site and start putting search strings together – what we want is a number of pre-defined strings (default strings if you like) set up so that one simple click would generate the base information they need.

    The only grey area is where a common name might generate loads of irrelevant results hence we would need an option to either whittle down the results in some way or include a provision so that the recruiter can easily eliminate some of the white noise.

    I’ve seen a similar kind of facility on some comprehensive software products available in the market (stateside) but it’s only this one element that we are interested in.

    Related Examples (there are others) include:-

    Resume Grabber suite
    Only the candidate research aspect

    Broadlooks diver
    Again only candidate research aspects

    In closing, this script project is likely to be of interest to someone who understands social media and how searching within linked-in, face book et al is the most effective.

    The IP of the script would be belong to us on completion and used within a total project build.

    Please contact with your terms, any questions of course let us know

    Kind Regards

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