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Second User Servers / Mac Mini

Discussion in 'Hosting' started by jimm, Apr 30, 2011.

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  1. jimm United Kingdom

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    I have a couple of second user servers available. These have just been decommissioned from a corporate site where they have been acting as heads for an iSCSI storage cluster.
    They are in full working order, just been replaced by higher spec HP equipment.

    Spec is as follows:
    Intel SE7501WV2S Server
    2x Intel Xeon 2.4 (2 Physical CPUs, HT so 4 Threads)
    2 GB ECC ram
    One is 2x 36GB SCSI and the other is 2x 73GB SCSI Hot swap drives
    Hardware raid
    Intel Pro/1000 nics
    Have been running Win 2k3 but have tested with CentOS and Ubuntu.
    HDDs will be wiped before shipping.

    These are can be bought and shipped to you for you to do as you will, bought and colo'd with me or I would be happy to host as a dedi and I maintain the hardware and treat it like any other dedicated server (and if you do want it as a dedi Ill up grade it to 4GB EEC RAM and can do cpanel license or a whole range of bits to make it exactly what you want).

    Also I have a Mac Mini Server for rent. This has been used for minimal hours and was used only during a move of data (IE it served as a live server during the time it took to move my clients hardware from their old datacenter to the one where my equipment is so been powered on about a week all in!)
    Its a Core2Duo 2.53, 4GB Ram, OSX 10.6 Server, 2x 500GB HDDs.
    Very popular with designers as you can use a live environment the same as a local test environment if you use a mac and you can use the mac only options on it such as the bundled apple stuff, billings server and the daylite server.
    This is not for sale, only option is rent.

    None of these are racked at the moment so there would be a short delay if you did want to colo or rent them.

    PM me if your interested!
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