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Sedo stifles UK market

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by scooter, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. scooter United Kingdom

    scooter Well-Known Member

    Apr 2006
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    When are Sedo going to drop the ridiculous £70 charge for selling a

    I fail to see why it costs so much. The only thing that is different from a .com sale is that they have to wait a few days longer until the whois has changed. (at most they may have to sit down and spend an extra 60 seconds or so to write an email to either party)

    So why the humungous charge? Sedo are the ones who are stifling the bottom end market and ultimately harming themselves in terms of commision as the bottom names do not move.

    They pride themselves as being the worlds largest domain broker, but yet they are still penalasing the worlds 3rd most popular TLD. :confused:

    I can honestly see someone stepping in and delivering what we need. A flat rate respectable charge for such names. It is a glaring hole in the market.

    I have a lot of names that are priced at £300 for the simple reason you charge so much. I will happily give my business to someone who will charge half as much and I can pleasantly reduce my asking price by a whopping 30%

    And while i'm at it....... Why do you not open Sedo Pro up to the masses? The only winners from this can be Sedo!!!

    OK Brad, it's over to you

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. retired_member6

    retired_member6 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    I said as much to one of their staff, not the amount charged - as that's been done to death and that's easy money for them but the way they create an elitist, exclusive club, when they start offering proper services they may find we don't want the likes of namedrive to kick them into touch.

    Re the costs, it might be a european / german thing, they love ripping the British off. This affiliate progam launched the other day, they rip they British off because surprise surprise like sedo (previously), they don't know how to convert euros to pounds.

    ..:: posterXXL ::.. Poster drucken - groß und günstig! compared to ..:: posterXXL ::.. Poster drucken - groß und günstig!

    I told them when they sort their prices out I'll promote them. I'll not aid them in ripping fellow British off.
  4. domaingenius

    domaingenius Well-Known Member

    Dec 2004
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    Which is why NameDrive have an advantage in that they do not charge anything for sales. If they did then I would reconsider (just in case ED's thinking, hmm well start charging) . Its all about exposure, and sedo have that ,but how many people in the "real" world know about Sedo, apart from those in this domaining lark and other internet business ?. The real end users may well not know sedo,
    which means why use sedo for selling domains.

  5. Well-Known Member

    Dec 2005
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    To be fair - IMHO - even £100 is cheap when you consider the exposure factor...

    Let's face it - you reg a name, park it - sedo give you the exposure...
    Which costs the most and takes the most effort?...

    When it comes to domain buyers finding names, I'm of the mind that of course they can find them (type-ins/GBL etc)...
    Sedo is the No1 and most respected marketplace on the planet which, when they arrive to your landing page, they go on to see that...
    IMO - parking with sedo gives you added credibility...

    Combine with this the new 'auctions' feature and you have an easy way to maximise your 'out' anyhow...

    From 'low-end' sale experience, this may help...

    When selling 'cheap', it's worth pointing out that fees are involved... Buyer ups their bid...
    Done this and it has worked everytime...

    Obviously, I'm bias... LOL
  6. sedo

    sedo Sedo Staff

    Aug 2005
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    Brokerage Costs


    The transfer price of a is correlated with the time necessary to process the transfer. A .com requires that only a transfer request be made, where as a requires more communication between the buyer, seller, and transfer agent.

    Once the time variables of a transfer decrease so will the price.
    We are looking into ways now to reduce the costs.

    SedoPRO is used to group different sets of traffic. There are features included in SedoPRO that the average user may not find beneficial. Recently we have made many SedoPRO features available to other Sedo users so that all clients can benefit from the accessible features.

  7. grantw United Kingdom

    grantw Well-Known Member

    Mar 2005
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    Can you please advise why current communication involves waits of 3 or 4 days for a reply from yourselves?

  8. fred United Kingdom

    fred Active Member

    Aug 2005
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    So why then, in my recent sale through sedo, did I have to do all the chasing? I have 'bolded' the person doing the work in the below account:

    After the deal was agreed, I waited to the buyer to make payment.... weeks later I email to find out whats going on, and by some 'coincidence' payment is recieved by sedo the next day.

    Then, after the forms had been send to Nominet (by myself and the buyer - no work for sedo there) we waited. After a couple of weeks, I emailed nominet to find out what the delay was. Nominet informed me of the problem, I sorted it out, Nominet did the Transfer, I email sedo, Sedo send payment to me minus the excesive charge.

    So, again, WHAT DO SEDO DO THAT IS DIFFERENT FOR .UK's THAN FOR .COM's? :confused:

    The only difference as you say is the time involved, which means that you have our money in your account for longer, earning interest.:rolleyes:
  9. SecNam

    SecNam Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 2004
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    This happened to me also, i did all the chasing and it went on for weeks..
  10. seanc United Kingdom

    seanc Well-Known Member

    May 2005
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    ive been waiting a month for a sale to come through

    so what are sedo doing for their "£70" ?
  11. retired_member16

    retired_member16 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    Why do people use Sedo, who they are paying £70 to send a couple of forms backwards and forwards and then complain when they feel that they are being ripped off.

    YOU ARE!
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