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Sedo Surpasses the 3 Million Mark of Domains Listed for Sale!

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by sedo, Jan 17, 2006.

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    (Boston, January, 12, 2006) As the year began, the domain marketplace Sedo listed the internet address “” for sale and for the first time crossed the border of 3 million domains in its database.

    This number vindicates Sedo’s position in the domain business as the leading world-wide domain trading platform. Sedo, founded in Cologne Germany, with a strong branch in Boston, Massachusetts, has a catalogue of domains which is three times the size of the second largest domain marketplace, which is located in the US.

    When the company began in 1999, a couple dozen domains were immediately listed for sale. “Now we have reached the border of 3 Million domains listed for sale and we expect to have 10 million domains within the next two to three years. The continuous addition of new domains listed for sale with Sedo proves to us domain trading is increasing in awareness. It does not matter, whether these domains are registered for personal or businesses purposes, what is of importance is the domains are valuable ‘virtual” sale goods,” Tim Schumacher, CEO Sedo, LLC

    The first domain listed for sale on Sedo’s marketplace was “” However, the first domain sold through Sedo’s platform was “” (German word for tulips) which sold for 300 EUR, a very reasonable price, in today’s market too.

    About Sedo
    Sedo, with offices in Boston and Cologne (Germany), is the world-wide leader for domain offers with a catalogue of over 3 million domains. Sedo offers numerous domain services including Domain Parking, Domain Appraisals, and a Domain Transfer and Escrow service. Additional information can be found at
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    Sedo listing on the stock market?

    Potential or reality?
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