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Seller not starting transfer

Discussion in 'Sedo' started by bensd, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. bensd United Kingdom

    bensd Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Jan 2007
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    Anyone who had dealt with domains outside of the .uk remit knows the transfer process should be much easier!

    I had been negotiating a price on a domain for a couple of weeks and during this time the seller generally counter offered pretty rapidly. A price was finally agreed and I paid almost immediately.

    It has now been over 4 weeks since we agreed the price and the seller has still not provided sedo with an auth code.

    I have overlooked sedo's incompetence of being emailed reminders to transfer the domain (which should have gone to the seller) and for being told that the domain would be transferred to an account with sedo (then two weeks later they decide it needs an auth code), but I’m starting to get fed up that nothing has happened in a month!

    Unfortunately the whois has a privacy guard otherwise I would ring the seller directly and tell him to get off his arse!!!

    I want to carry on with the purchase as I feel I have got the domain for a fair price but it's frustrating when everything seems out of my control. Any suggestions on what I could do?

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  3. sedo

    sedo Sedo Staff

    Aug 2005
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    Hi Bensd,

    I have had a quite a few transfers recently that had stalled on the paperwork, and then went through more or less straight away when we started again using the new system. If you PM me the domain name, I will contact the seller and ask him to do that.

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