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Selling domain HelpzMe dotcom -priced for quick sale!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by devilsrefugee, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. devilsrefugee

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    May 2012
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    I am selling the domain HelpzMe dotcom due to tight finances.

    The idea behind the entity was to provide homework advice and help to students/pupils etc.

    The domain was registered on 30 January 2013 and is due to expire in January 2015 however if sold, will come with a further one year registration for free.

    There is a site there at the moment, however the site has been abandoned this year due to other projects taking all my available time. In this regard please consider it as no income or traffic received.

    I will also include the logo, Facebook and Twitter accounts if required, however as the site was never worked, the only good thing about the social profiles is the URLs.

    This site is not included as I no longer have a license for the theme. However if you wish to keep the site on it and purchase your own license then I am happy to include the entire site in the transfer, just let me know. If you dont let me know then I will assume its just the domain, logo and social media accounts to be transferred.

    The domain/site will be transferred to another Tsohost account for free, once payment has been made and cleared. Logo and social media accounts will be either transferred or handed over when the domain/site is transferred also.

    BIN is £145 but open to offers.


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