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Selling n authority website

Discussion in 'Business Discussions' started by tifosi, Feb 3, 2014.

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    We've decided to end our involvement in this site after 14yrs. Neither of us have the time (or probably inclination) to carry on with it.

    It's a authority website which contains the main site, vbulletin forum, wiki & gallery. I've just done a freeze of the site and zipped things up and it comes to nearly 35Gb in compressed data. Most of that is an enormous amount of image files. It also comes with mature facebook and twitter accounts.

    I'd rather it go to a decent home - and the site itself is probably worth something. It's also of a size that requires a decent hosting spec as well as technical expertise to run it.

    Looked at placed like flippa to advertise it. What other places are there and what routes to sell on would you think suitable? As far as stats go there's probably not a great deal. It's had adsense on it which has paid for it's upkeep, though revenue does peter out a bit inbetween albums and tours. The new album is out in the next 2months after which will be a tour so monetisation options are there... It's really being sold on authority and maturity, consistently near top of organic rankings.

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