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Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by level200, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. level200

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    Jun 2007
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    HI All

    I have started to develope one of my domains and would like some ideas for content and possibly a suggestion for the wine shop/ gifts page (possibly an affilliate were I can add a wine shop to the page similar to the Amason A shop in my wine book page)

    The site is still in development and the content is all over the place, please remember that when looking through the site.


    Cheers for any advice and suggestions.

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  3. storebuilder

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    Dec 2004
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    Remove the google ad's. They take away your focus from what you are trying to develop here. Google ad's will not produce you any meaningful revenue to compensate for your time invested in this project.

    This page

    Remove the glass image from the top. Give the page a headline. Break the page up into small paragraphs with subheaders. Concentrate on providing meaningful content. Perhaps aim your writing at the wine tasting beginner.

    Provide a list of main courses and recommend a type of wine to go with each dish.

    This page
    Remove the amazon banner from the top - it detracts from your selling message. The heading is good, move the footer up the page to eliminate the white space.

    Once you have the content sorted look up a good wine affiliate program and put together a "starter" package deal of wine for a beginner.

    Leave the adsense alone, you will make far more cash from a good solid affiliate offer.
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