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Sites which collect articles automatically somehow??

Discussion in 'Website Design' started by woopwoop, Oct 30, 2008.

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    PDAStreet: Hardware Reviews: Review: BlackBerry Bold (Rogers) (PR4, 136k indexed)
    Blackberry Bold to start selling November 4 through AT&T - TechShout (PR5, 10.5k indexed)
    BlackBerry Bold Contains Only $169.41 Worth of Parts (PR3, 6.5K indexed)
    Best Buy adds the unlocked BlackBerry Bold, selling for an expensive $680 - Gadgetell (PR6, 70K indexed)

    The above sites all seem to have many thousands of articles which seem like they are all collected from RSS feeds from other sites and changed slightly if at all. I may be wrong but the sites seem to have been designed with the purpose of google adsense revenue first and 'content, building brand, growing company' second.

    With these types of sites, is the process of getting the content collected and published likely to be automated (if so how) or is there a person cutting and pasting articles into their blog?

    Is google ok with this duplicate content? It's obvious that some of the sites have completely ripped of material than others - occasionally there's a link to the original article. But some of the sites I've found are more littered with text links in paragraphs and adsense everywhere than those listed above.

    Some of these sites have a massive number of indexed pages and a decent pagerank.

    The examples above are all links that google's news alert system had emailed me for the google alert I have for "Blackberry Bold"

    So Google must see these sites positively as it is emailing the links to people for the key word/phrase alerts?

    Is there a quick and safe way to make sites like these? Where the majority of the work is automated and where it reaches the status that google has 100k pages from your website indexed and emails people links to your site based on their alert preferences.

    Any help you can offer on setting up something like this is appreciated. I have a few really decent domains that I would like to develop and have been thinking of a safe way to get content and have google still be my friend.
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