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Software flaw could leave iPhones vulnerable to hackers

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by Acorn Newsbot, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Software updates are usually intended to make things more secure, but it seems the opposite is the case with the latest version of Apple’s iOS.

    A blogger on YouTube seems to have originally identified the problem that means with a few simple steps anyone could bypass the four-digit security pin code on an iPhone and gain access to email, contacts, text messages and voice mail on the device.

    The trick involves using the emergency call option that’s available when the device is locked but cancelling the call before the phone begins dialling. Apple has reportedly told The Next Web that they’re already aware of the issue and will deliver a fix in a future update.<a class="lexicon-term" href="/jargon-buster/pda">One way to avoid such a trick would be to have a PIN that’s longer than four digits. You can do this on an iPhone by turning off the ‘simple passcode’ option found under Passcode Lock section of the phone’s general settings.*


    You can also check if you’re ‘in the dark’ about mobile security by taking our free online test which also gives advice on other ways to protect your device.*

    Here are some other tips to keep your device secure:

    •*Avoid keeping important or sensitive data on your smartphone or tablet.
    •*Try to avoid doing financial transactions or entering passwords on public WiFi.
    •*Download and enable an antivirus app for your phone – be sure to check reviews and search for information about the developer first to make sure it’s safe.
    •*Make sure your phone is running the latest version of the operating system.
    •*Try to check other users' comments and even the developer’s website before downloading an app and be careful what data and services you allow it access to.

    There’s a lot more advice in our Knowledge Centre guide to mobile security.

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