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Sponsors/affiliates football

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by rawkinrich, Sep 15, 2015.

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  1. rawkinrich United Kingdom

    rawkinrich Active Member

    Mar 2009
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    Been out of the loop for a while with affiliate marketing.

    I have the potential to monitise a blog based on a UK football team that generates pretty good traffic.

    Any ideas of sponsors/affiliates?

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. figleaf007 United Kingdom

    figleaf007 Active Member

    Oct 2006
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    I've had some joy with sponsors of the actual team before, as well as local businesses who sponsor the match ball etc. if you have page rank, betting companies may be interested
  4. AssetDomains United Kingdom

    AssetDomains Well-Known Member

    Feb 2010
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    I'm guessing the likes of bet365, Ladbrokes and skybet affiliate programmes would be a good start I'm not sure if % lifetime earning are on offer for new affiliates but it was the case when I promoted poker.
    PM if you want any affiliate invites
  5. pugdomains United Kingdom

    pugdomains Active Member

    Feb 2015
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    Websites selling retro kits are worth a try, e.g. has an affiliate scheme.

    Also, betting seems an obvious one? Football fans often like a punt, can mak a fortune with 888 etc if you change the banners regularly to reflect their latest offers.
  6. Adam H

    Adam H Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    May 2014
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    More often than not the affiliate programs I worked with on a team dedicated supporters site required work to make them start to pay well enough to justify the time spent promoting it ( suppose it depends on how you value your time as to whether it was worth while ). Way back when the likes of offered $300 a sign up before they brought in the usage limits was a huge earner.

    A good earner back in the day as well from Gambling firms was selling backlinks at xxxx for 6 months but with that obviously came risks, not something id recommend doing now.

    Direct adverts were generally better with adsense units for us, the direct ads are hard to keep month on month though as most companies wanting to advertise know they can do it cheaper to a broader audience via an affiliate program or Adsense unless exceptionally targeted to a team related product/service.

    Ive always found team specific niches to be poor earners in comparison, at one stage we were churning out 15k unqiues a day with ( time on site being 12 mins average ) and revenue was still that point dedicated servers were not cheap either like they are now. That said we were community , user generated content rather than a blog so had to worry more about user experience and keeping them happy, so no popups ,popunders etc etc etc.

    Blogs in most cases always generate more revenue in a comparison with like for like traffic over a a considerable mile.

    There is that gulf of difference between what's available when you have reasonable traffic or "huge" traffic. Huge traffic attracts different revenue forms and opportunities which we never reached for that particular site.
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