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Discussion in 'General Board' started by Brassneck, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Brassneck United Kingdom

    Brassneck Well-Known Member

    Apr 2005
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    Just wondering how optimisitic people are for the next couple of years as we may be heading towards to a (possibly significant) economic slowdown.

    Personally, I'm seeing:

    - domain sales and enquiries reduced quite significantly
    - parking revenue, earnings per click, fall by about 20 per cent this month across various parking programs
    - adsense down markedly

    How's it going for others?

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Pred United Kingdom

    Pred Well-Known Member

    Jul 2006
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    Funnily enough it is the only area worth investing in imo, everything else is screwed,lol

    Hope people outside industry see that too.

    Yes, sales are dead this month as a proverbial dodo

    I think the domain uk conference auction, then sedo auctions,then the sedo mobi auctions, then the traffic auctions,then the silent auctions then more sedo auctions (mobi) at end of month are taking up a lot of interest and cash!!!!!

    i think the future is good though
  4. stevebrowne

    stevebrowne Active Member

    May 2007
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    if the economy does slow down, then in theory even if the cpc goes down, the traffic should increase. People don't go out so much; looking for bargains on the web; generally browing more.

    Also, remeber that in a recession, companies tends to spend MORE than usual amounts on marketing and promotions etc. Which is also good for us.
  5. Jeewhizz

    Jeewhizz Well-Known Member

    May 2006
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    In the run up to christmas, companies are going to be budgetting for advertising, not extending their brand by buying domains. It's now too late to buy a domain, get a site up, and get a decent google ranking really.

  6. julian United Kingdom

    julian Banned

    Aug 2007
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    it is dead at tthe moment im finding my other business very slow.

    - don't give up the day jobs just yet boyz! ;)

  7. disruptive

    disruptive Well-Known Member

    Jun 2006
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    I am happy to state that I got the down turn that we are going to experience about 5 years ago spot on regarding timing. Its was and is inevitable. Everything is a business cycle after all and what goes up must come down.

    That said. The sort of areas to concentrate will be on debt mediation and relief helping people reduce their expenditure and exposure. Expect to see sites like and a few more rear their head with even greater voracity. This could be a great area...the screen scrapers such as money supermarket et al will do well as more and more people find ways to squeeze their overheads.

    As people batten down the hatches, disposable income will be used a little less flippantly - so expect more savings and interest in safer investment vehicles. What those vehicles will be depends on the underlying inflation. But property has run its course and I think there could be some great deals for those with cash out there.

    The buy to let area could be interesting as there could be an exodus of investors from this area if mortgage rates increase. But could be balanced by more people wanting to rent (frightened by neg equity), so I would say that "lets" could be big. Also expect an exodus of people from overseas property. Its the new "time share" - I'm not talking about domestic overseas property. But holiday homes.

    I agree that online ad spend is likely to increase as most homes have broadband or people have access at work and will use the net to find bargains and the best deals.

    Don't sell the Porsche just yet...
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