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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by trendmedia, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. trendmedia Canada

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    Jul 2004
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    1 - Website 4 years old.

    Domain Registered on: 22-Mar-2004 and has been ranked in Google ever since.

    We built this site from the ground up so it is a bespoke design and not a script.

    It has a student user profile section with 'Admin check' before users photos are posted. (lots of other features)

    It also has a custom built CMS for the articles section (left hand menu on site)

    Articles / News always ranks very well. For example:

    An article entitled "Credit Cards Explained' ranks 1st
    e.g : credit cards explained - Google Search

    Site ranks 1st place for student union and 3rd for Student Unions

    e.g : student union - Google Search

    We started the site ad free on purpose and have never launched monetization properly. No stats are available for banners or ads.

    Site currently averages 5000 visitors per month.

    Huge scope for improvement and onsite and offsite SEO.

    Offers - high 4 figures / low 5 figures...

    Kind Regards

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  3. woopwoop United States

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    Can you PM me (or post in the thread) any revenue stats for a few months and any stats you have on members (returning/active members, No. of emails, what other membership details you collect etc.)?
  4. trendmedia Canada

    trendmedia (2) Active Member Known Trader

    Jul 2004
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    Thank you for the great response – Its taken a while to go through them…
    I have answered numerous questions and included all of the answers here:

    Number of members currently registered (Email opt-in confirmed and profile filled in): 1635

    Males: 48.5%
    Females: 51.5%

    When user signs up they answer “How did you find this site?”
    The following stats where collected:

    Google 203
    Yahoo 31
    MSN Search 14
    Other Search Engine 18
    Student Union Event 95
    Email invitation 32
    From a friend 172
    Word of mouth 100
    Link on another site 41
    Online Advert/Banner 13
    Other 110

    An example of a profile is found here:
    Hannahbanana1uk | Hannah Jayne's Student Union Profile

    When a user signs up they fill in lots of info (Sex, Age, About Me, Favorite food, music, bars, films, places, hobbies, interests). The site has a built in mailer so that Admin can email members based on their interests or if they are male/female. You can also send emails to all members that attend a certain Uni or Subject of Degree/Course.

    There are NO Ad or revenue stats/details available that I can give currently.
    (This is due to an old Google Adsense account that we no longer use. We can start collecting rev stats but the sale isn’t based just on this).

    Adverts are controlled in Admin and can be changed over in seconds

    Top Search Terms for visitors reaching site in December 2008:

    1 student union
    2 how to get revenge on your ex
    3 student union uk
    4 how does clearing work
    5 credit cards explained
    6 revenge on ex
    7 students union
    8 students union uk
    9 xgx
    10 how does curing work
    11 student unions
    12 studentunion

    Here are the top referrers in December 2008:

    The main referrers are Google / Other search engines. As can be seen 22.48 % of traffic is members / direct navigation.

    22.48% - (Direct Request)
    1.06% Google
    0.20% Google
    0.18% Student Union - UK Students Community
    0.15% Live Search
    0.06% Leeds Metropolitan Student Union - Home
    0.06% Yahoo! Search - Web Search
    0.05% Video - AOL Video
    0.03% Acer Worldwide
    0.01% AOL Search
    0.01% Live Search
    0.01% Google

    BIN Price set at £15k and will include any minor fixes or amendments on site if needed. Full training to use the site will also be included.

    Kind Regards

  5. trendmedia Canada

    trendmedia (2) Active Member Known Trader

    Jul 2004
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    BIN Set at £7000 for domain (and website)
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