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Discussion in 'General Board' started by doolallys, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. doolallys United Kingdom

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    This is probably a stupid question but I'm a little confused.

    I have some domains transferred to me and tagged with 1and1, my tag of choice. The domains show as mine in my Nominet account.

    Do I have to now add them to my 1 and 1 account or can I just leave them with Nominet in my account there?
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  3. mat United Kingdom

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    You really need to add the domain to your 1and1 account as it is now assigned to them with the tag change. The only reason you would store the domain directly with Nominet is if you are a tag holder and would set the tag to your own.
  4. invincible

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    A Nominet Registrant account (you can have multiple ones using different email addresses) enables you to manage domain names across all Nominet registrars where you have registered domain names. The account could display names held at 1&1, Godaddy, 123 or any other Nominet Registrar.

    Those domain names can be registered to any Registrant Name because multiple Registrants Names can make use of the same email address in their contact object.

    The common link between all of the domain names, which can be at any Nominet Registrar and registered to any Registrant Name is the email address and password of the Nominet Registrant account.

    Not everyone is aware of the above!

    If you want to manage name servers, pay renewals and other things that can only be enacted via a Registrar you'll need to make sure the relevant Registrar is aware that your customer account(s) with them give you access to do this for all domain names you hold with them.

    Feel free to ask any further questions.
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