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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by selfpleasured, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Sep 2007
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    ASSIGNMEN.COM ( Jobs? Dating? Day Labor?)
    BAKEVILLAGE.COM (What More Could you Want in a Cooking Baking Domain?
    Website Set up like a village/town with cooking-baking recipes-Cookware-Foodstuffs)
    GIRLPRODUCTION.COM ( Production Company? General Girls Website? Makeup? Shopping?)
    LOVESMEN.COM (Dating? Romance? Sex? Gay?)
    MENAGAINST.COM ( The War? Women? Government? lol Tons of things!)
    MENWEARING.COM ( Men's Fashion? Shopping? General Men's Site?)
    THATSNO.COM ( Its NO! tons of things to be used for)

    Open to Offers dont Pm Me asking what i want you make the offer, ill take it or counter, going to list them on sedo today unless sold, will take paypal or Epassporte for payment, All at Godaddy and All Have One Year On them.

    Also willing to discuss if you have ICQ:415216740 or Yahoo Messenger:

    Few More to Add to The List
    NEWSKIFF.COM (Skiff Means Boat so Google results For new Skiff 1,460,000 for new skiff.
    RENTCORPORATE.COM ( Rent Corporate Housing? Furniture, equipment? Google Results 5,550,000 for RENT CORPORATE.
    HUGECUT.COM (Huge Cut in Crime? Huge cut diamonds? Huge Cut in?) Google Results 41,200,000 for HUGE CUT
    LARGEREDUCTION.COM ( Large Reduction in? Crime? Prices? costs?) Google Results 123,000,000 for LARGE REDUCTION.
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