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The reason we have second level domains (SLDs)

Discussion in '.UK Domain Name Consultations' started by Whois-Search, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Whois-Search United Kingdom

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    Yesterday at the Nominet roundtable with invited representatives from the Supreme Court, Cabinet Office, JANET, Royal Household, Police, BCS etc....

    Along with discussions around:

    • How schools would not get the rights to .uk because they are county based sub-domains (third level)?
    • How the government intends to move their sites to but Nominet would find ways to support those who are not being moved (reserved list)?
    • How and domains were excluded from claiming rights to .uk because they are not ran by Nominet (Janet)?

    What struck me was:
    • People seem to be ignoring the reason why all these organisations need their own SLD in the first place?
    • Not only that the second level domains are restricted and can only be registered by the organisations requesting them?
    • You are only going to get a for example if you are a school and have the right information:
    • Having different SLDs actually increases the security on those second level domains and gives the general public a SLD to 'trust' in their browser?
    • Therefore instead of opening up .uk why is Nominet not creating more second level domains and selling those instead?
      What ever happened to the UKSLD policy?

    In November 2011 Nominet said it was to create for example

    Why doesn't the Supreme Court use "" instead of ? Or even create them a SLD " ?

    Is Nominet really going register or reserve them "" and let anyone else register "" "" "" ?
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  3. foz

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    I think it's an orderly and logical way of doing things, otherwise we would have had .uk (only) from day one?
  4. Stephen United Kingdom

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    Jan 2006
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    rules / sanctions

    I would like Nominet to impose rules / sanctions on to be used for intended purpose and by qualifying owners and same for

    same as they do for

    I would loose out a few but it is the best thing for the UK namespace and
    a side benefit it would open the way for to be 100% paired ownership with .uk!
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