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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by selfpleasured, Sep 5, 2007.

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    Sep 2007
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    DESCRIPTION: a great 5 letter .com this site has a search back-end with over 10 million sites indexed (HOW? we did this by well using for example as they were easy! you add your affiliate url to the root index page, our spider or the search spider in turn picks up all the other products that are offered there so if someone came to the site looking for a special kind of toy wam it takes them right to the link ) using affiliate / sponsor URLs, and we used both mainstream and adult so no matter what the person is looking for hopefully we have it listed in the data base and will make revenue from the sale. thus with each search and a purchase or in some cases a visit to a website running off of the AURLS search back-end money is made, this domain was appraised at Leap-fish for a
    Combined Domain Name Appraisal Value Score: 360

    Estimated Domain Name Value:

    This is the Estimated Value of the domain itself, this does not include the potential value of the search portal, if purchased the search portal can contain any type of content you desire and all my affiliate sponsor URLs will be taken out and yours inserted.
    The Front End isn't much really have not had time to work on it , the back end is where all the power is. The Best thing about this is we park our own domains so to speak we put up a similar page to what you would get say at sedo or simply put a search box on a site and , and all of the searches or links refer back to the search portal and then of course on to the affiliate sponsor program so in essence instead of a nickel or less for a click by referring someone to a site we get 50 to 60% of the REAL SALE.

    Apprisial Can Be Located Here

    We are open to all Valid offers to interested Parties

    Sedo Listing Can Be Found Here!

    To Moderator:
    Note although this is a site and not just a domain i was not sure as it said top level domains here if this should go here or in the sites if it belongs in the sites please move it .

    Also if you have a site and want a search engine that can be used to spider just your sponsor / affiliate URLs contact me i can install such , this is a free script, however adjustments and such must be made to it for it to take the redirect URLs most sponsor / affiliate programs offer, such as CJ and shareasale and quite a few of the adult programs or sponsor programs, i will install and insert your links for a reasonable price.

    Icq me if interested 415216740 or yahoo messenger at: it may look as if im not on but message me anyway i keep it like that to ward off the weird O's
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