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theultimategambler dot com

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by pugyrob, Apr 24, 2009.

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    looking to sell theultimategambler dot com and The .com is where the site resides, it has had a lot of work on it few years ago up until 2007 now has been left to sit and fester.

    It has hundreds pages of unique, professionally written content (yahoo shows 566) , 266 backlinks from gambling sites and has had a lot of work gone into it inc search facility, newsletter, etc etc, see for yourself.

    The banners have expired as i havnt visited it, when i used to look after it i made £500-1k a month on it from rakeback, casino signups and more.

    It still gets 30 uniques a day from search despite not being touched for 2 years.In hey day was getting few hundred a day

    Age, content and big potential but i wont ever have time for it so it needs to go.

    PM me to discuss or to make an offer.

    Will look to sitepoint if it doesnt go by Monday.
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