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This week, I have mostly been..

Discussion in 'General Board' started by chrisduggan, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. chrisduggan United Kingdom

    chrisduggan Active Member

    Mar 2005
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    Ranting about.. Incompetent DELL

    Laptop hard drive fails, I call my Dell manager and explain situation, techie turns up with a new motherboard and explains not my hard drive, continues to replace my motherboard and soon realises actually no I am right and the hard drive does need replacing. Day 2. Techie arrives to replace hard drive... Opens box to discover the hard drive is completely wrong fit, in my case actually a solid state drive, but anyway. Day 3. Today techie returns with a new hard drive, still the wrong one........... Apologies given and will return on Monday with the correct part......... 3rd time lucky?

    I may add this is not my first encounter with incompetent Dell phone tech support, infact they regularly stuff up. Precisely why they offer such efficient support structure, well in theory. In practice not always on the ball clearly.

    The contracted Dell engineer explained they were not allowed to open boxes before being in the presence of the client. I appreciate procedures in place but in my case - not helpful.

    I have had a good working relationship with Dell since the early 90's and understand their ways. The good the bad and the.. Occasional language barriers.

    Lucky I have several other devices, for this very reason. But I appreciate the majority rely on one computer. How bloody frustrating.

    Michael Dell 0 - Steve Jobs 1.

    Anyway, Rant over.
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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. jimm United Kingdom

    jimm Active Member

    Feb 2008
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    Ive recently gone from a HP fan boi to a HP hater.
    I bought £60K of servers (just 2 servers).
    One of them had an issue where files would not be committed to the array and where only 8 of the 12 network ports would be presented to the OS but the missing NIC was not always the same card.
    It took 3 weeks of investigation and pushing and messing around. They wouldnt send an engineer despite having a carepack and in the end they said they would one NIC to replace the addon card (one, there are 2 10G cards in there!). At this point I flipped out and said they were incompentent and if they dont replace the server I would not be using it and not paying for it and they could collect at their lesure.
    Only then would they replaced the server!
  4. Skinner

    Skinner Well-Known Member

    Jul 2008
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    To be fair, I use Dell and have done for many years.

    The problem with them is they contract out to inept local engineers. Disecting a Laptop isn't to be done by a monkey at a local firm. I've pulled my XPS apart half dozen times and I still get left with spare parts. I now insist my shizzle is returned to Dell for repair rather than fixed at home.

    However Dell have let me choose a local engineer for my Poweredge server issues, if you kick up enough fuss they will let you choose.

    My manager at Dell (same guy every time) has even shipped items to me for me to fit myself inc mother boards, hard drives, etc.

    So don't beat dell that much, alot is downe to the monkeys at local firms.

    Edit: Dell know how to compensate big time when they screw up.

    In 'good will gestures' I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse set, a creative 5.1 speaker system, usb keys, etc so yeah they screw up but they compensate well ;)
  5. disruptive

    disruptive Well-Known Member

    Jun 2006
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    I once ordered a dekstop power machine from Dell, multiple processors, serious graphics and gigantic monitor and all the stuff. They delivered two laptops. However it turns out they cost the price of the machine wrong and made it over £1000 cheaper by mistake. But they sent the correct machine for the lower price a day later!

    they do cock up - but they will fix it.
  6. foz

    foz Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Oct 2006
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    Try buying a desktop with USB 3.0 from Dell. Sheesh.
  7. retired_member16

    retired_member16 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    I have had 2 laptops (Never had a desktop) in my life. Never spent more than £600

    Im sitting here quite happily on my HP something or other, running some RAM, and erm, some other bits im sure. I have no idea of the spec.

    The first one only died as I dropped it whilst trying to do some 1 handed manourve. :mrgreen:
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