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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by stellar73, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Would appreciate any opinions on this domain.

    Registered it two years ago as I thought it would make a nice brandable for a company connected with property/ interior design / home improvements. At that stage I had no idea the TV programme would make a come back (it's coming back this weekend with Keith Lemon as a presenter). By coincidence, a couple of weeks after I had registered it Freemantle registered the exact phrase as a trademark, but only in 3 classes connected with TV and broadcast. (I'm not stupid enough to contact them directly to try and sell them it obviously)....There is also another trademark on the .com version of the name (which specifies ".com" in the mark). This was for a UK based company selling property floor plans who appear to now be defunct (so I suspect their trademark will not get renewed anyway)

    Bearing in mind that the 'obvious' use for a name like this would be something property/ home related am I right in thinking there shouldn't be a trademark issue either in relation to the existing ".com" trademark (since it is technically a different phrase) or in relation to the TV show (since the new production company have only registered 3 classes in relation to broadcast and TV)?

    Any opinions and valuations appreciated, not quite sure whether to actively try and sell this at the mo or not, cheers!
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