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Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by j13, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. j13 United Kingdom

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    I am always put off buying TM domain names just because of all the legal implications they could have but then I come across something like this wtf this is one of the most famous watch companies in the world! how does it not own/ not care about its name in a name? this guy even has the cheek to put google ads on it and say "Do you want Breitling ? is it your surname? You can buy Breitling for £10,000 contact..."

    also he is blatently doing it in bad faith:
    "The Complainant further submits that the Respondent is engaged in a pattern of making abusive registrations. The Complainant’s searches show that the Respondent has registered various domain names incorporating the trademarks of famous brands of watches. In particular, the Respondent has registered the domain names <>, <>, <> and <>"taken from the tagheuer DRS:
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    I reckon companies should be made to buy any such domains that match their trademark (if they are still available at the time), especially in the case of new start up companies, they have no excuse.

    My way of thinking is, if they don't buy them before anyone else does, then they can't care much for their trademark, and should lose any right to challenge any person who registers a domain containing their name, it's not like they can't afford a few quid for the reg fee, but they would rather leave it and then claim the domain for nothing in a drs dispute :rolleyes: :mad:


    From that drs:

    Again, if it's that important to them, why didn't they buy it before the other person did, rather than just leave it to be registered by someone else, and then say he's blocking them from buying it :rolleyes:
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