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Trend Spotting, “Real News” and Investment Intelligence

Discussion in 'General Board' started by staffjam, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Well the development of one of my names has now reached it's next stage and we are offering readers Free intelligence reports on a daily basis (This information cannot be found anywhere else.)
    More below: has just started a Free Intelligence Report that focuses on giving readers a greater understanding of world events and “big picture” geopolitical analysis to spot trends and events in the marketplace, reduce investment risk and provide readers with “real news” before it hits the headlines.

    Previously only available to certain Governments and Intelligence Agencies as well as private clients in Washington DC, the information contained in the daily reports is not offered by traditional news outlets and data providers.

    More information here: - Market Intelligence Report

    Included each week in their Free reports:

    • Analysis of world events and how they affect Markets, Countries and Regions
    • Political Intelligence support with financial, legislative and regulatory analysis
    • Unique news and information from our classified, OSINT and HUMINT networks
    • Information previously provided only to Governments, Military & Intelligence agencies
    • Investment Risk Analysis - bringing you the "Real" News
    • Global "Big Picture" Outlook - essential reading for ALL investors

    This is "in-house" research support normally costing thousands of dollars per year!

    For more information on this unique FREE offer visit: - Market Intelligence Report
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