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TubeBest.Com 70$ - Dirt cheap spring clean up!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by kikkeri, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. kikkeri

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    Nov 2006
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    IQ0.US 30$ - Dirt cheap spring clean up!

    TubeGlobe.Com 60US$ (sooner or later it will be)
    TubeEarth.Com 60$ (same same but different)
    SpaceToYouTube.Com 40$ (hello! Put down that video! You're surrounded!)
    TubeBest.Com 70$ (best of tubest)

    MyFirstTube.Com 70$ (virgin tubers go to heaven to meat other virgins)

    GoofTV.Biz 50$ (good medium for goofy video clips)

    IAmJesus.Info 60$ (...from Mexico. I here to visit Rodriquez)
    BestCoke.Com 70$ (legal drinks at comparison, yeah right)

    DonMS.Com 70$ (the "Man" from Sicily who bought MS)
    BillGatesMS.Org 50$ (appraised over 1500$ one day in the past)
    BillGatesMS.Info 40$ (everyone should have one a good BG domain)

    YourAu.Com (Au=Gold) 60$ (trading your gold and maybe some of others)
    SlyCar.Com 70$ (those sneaky cars)

    2KOs.Net 70$ (sport, two KOs beat one)
    6Lot.Com 80$ (six pack - six land/real estate)

    eBOXi.Com 30$ (some box that would be e- and i- related)
    Ex007.Net 30$ (all the Bonds from the past)
    Ex-007.Com 30$ (...and some older ones before that...)

    g-l-o-b-e.Com 20$ (world could be yours)
    Got2.Info 20$ (need some info how it could be yours?)

    HotxxxGifts.Com 60$ (yeah baby...)
    IQ0.Biz 20$ (little slow business...)
    IQ0.Us 30$ (gift idea for little slow George W.)
    IQ69.Biz 40$ (gift idea for Paris H.)
    IQDot.Com 60$ (gift idea for a Domainer)

    Kot0.Com 20$ (don't remember what I was thinking...)
    KOt3.Com 20$ (still don't remember...)

    L-o-a-n.Net 70$ (This one I remember! Needed one to get it) 20$ ("miscellaneous" gives plenty Google results)
    miscancellous.Net 10$ (two... What was I drinking?)

    MobilMobile.Com 50$ (these boys have money for their own network)
    MyBiatches.Com 50 (even network of these...)

    Pehu.Biz 30$ (accusative singular of freckle, like you care)
    Rsex.Biz 50$ (misses most expensive domain by a freckle)
    Ysex.Biz 50$ (damn, this one too - just by a letter. Y!?)

    Your0.Net 60$ (cheap zero wholes - all together)
    USAVeryBest.Com 70$ (USA very best or very USA best or...)
    Wroom.Biz 40$ (some cars say wroom when translated)
    Ten4.Us 50$ (and this is what they say in the cars)

    SuperTubeTV.Com 80$ (this is just what your mother warned about)
    08PekingOlympics.Com 50$ (count down for the traffic has started)

    08OlympicGames.Com 150$ (surely something had to go over headline)

    Ms10.Biz (11 domains, one home for 200$ or highest bid by 5th, min. 100)

    First one to spend (close by SOLD posting and placing shopping list) over 200$ gets these fancy ones for free:

    (additionally) Buy over 300 - 20% off, Buy over 200 - 15% off, Over 100 - 10% off
    These domains are waiting new home at Yahoo. PayPal and Credit Cards OK.

    All domains are paid at least until Mid October. If you PM - post your take to the forum as well.

    Thank you for your!
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