Domain Manage is at Sedo - Ultra Low starting bid! - HUGE new technology!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by jacal1, Feb 17, 2009.

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    Here is a link to the auction

    Ends in only 11 hours!!

    Very low bid accepted to start things!

    As you probably know, the technology is already available and growing fast in Europe, and it has cleared the FCC and is coming to the US

    Here is a short but nicely written description from

    Get ready for more two-way GPS devices​

    The launch of Dash Navigation's DashExpress GPS device has led some to predict an onslaught of devices with the ability to connect via cellular or Wi-Fi to provide two-way connectivity for these devices, which allow for real-time traffic data updates, as well as live local search and faster map updates.

    A new ABI Research study is predicting that 34% of all personal navigation devices (PND) will ship with on-board connectivity by 2013. According to ABI Research analyst Dominique Bonte, huge price drops will create the need of new recurring revenue streams for device makers. "In order to be successful, connected PND vendors will have to design seamless solutions and compelling services," Bonte says.

    Two-way connectivity will create experiences such as finding cheap gas prices, parking space availability, speed trap locations, satellite imagery and online map updates. Location-based social networking applications ("Find the friends closest to my location") will also see growth as two-way communications on these devices emerge.

    The inclusion of two-way connectivity also allows the PND to upload information to the cloud for the benefit of others. Dash uses its network connectivity to act as passive probes that collect real-time traffic flow data, and then redistribute the information to other users. ABI Research says that PNDs could also be used to allow for user-generated content such as map corrections, points-of-interest recommendations, as well as for "live location" updates on social networking sites. Not only will you be able to tell the world what you're doing at any given moment, you can tell people exactly where you are.
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