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Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by keepaneyeonthat, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. keepaneyeonthat

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    Did any of you see the nom-announce that went out this morning? It's regarding the possible introduction of SLD's.

    See the announcement below:

    From:Nominet UK
    Subject:possible introduction of

    We are seeking your feedback on the possible introduction of and
    other two-character SLDs for .name

    Global Name Registry has submitted an Internet Registry Request Service
    application to ICANN which proposes the "Limited release of initially
    reserved two character names".

    That is to say that Global Name Registry wishes to add and reserve for
    third level registrations all two-character strings according to the
    current rules in the .NAME registry. The strings will be added to the
    already existing shared third-level namespace on the .name gTLD available
    to people worldwide through ICANN Accredited Registrars, and made
    available for registration on the third level on a first-come,
    first-served basis. All two-character names will be shared and not
    released directly on the second level.

    This would obviously include and could have an impact on the .uk
    domain space. As such we are compiling a response to this proposal. To
    help inform our response we are seeking the input of our members and other
    stakeholders. If you wish to input to this response, please email us: by 15 October 2006.

    A copy of the proposal is available at
    ICANN | Submitted Applications for New Registry Services and

    The initial timeline for responses is 15 days from the date of issue, i.e.
    17th October 2006. In the event that ICANN reasonably determines during
    the 15 calendar day preliminary determination period that a proposed
    registry service might raise significant security and stability issues,
    ICANN will refer the proposal to the Registry Services Technical
    Evaluation Panel. The Panel shall have 45 calendar days following referral
    to prepare a written report regarding the effect of the proposed service
    on security and stability. We would all have the ability to give further
    input during this period.

    Please email us your comments to by 15
    October 2006.
    Nominet UK Announcement mailing list
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    Any opinions on this?
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  3. SF

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    Not more TLD's I cant even remember that last one they launched. :confused:

    I am so glad I have stuck to .coms and's :-D
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