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Virtual Assistant, Social Media Services and Prices Needed

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by addz123, Oct 19, 2012.

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    I'm thinking about hiring a personal assistant to help me some stuff in my network but I'm not sure what a fair price is.

    This is some of the stuff I need help with:

    - Uploading articles, images and interlinking them for me.
    - Managing my Social Media accounts (e.g. 2 useful posts per day on FB - I'll have around 5 sites that need this))
    - Help editing/moderating/manage/promoting a forum including ads
    - Someone familiar with moving databases/hosting so that I can de-index/block Google from some penalised sites and then relaunch them on new brand domains (i.e. consolidating some of my stuff).

    Anyone with these kind of skills (especially managing social media and starting a forum) please get in touch.

    I'd also like general price expectations from people who have hired VAs to do this sort of stuff in the past.

    I guess I'd be OK paying a cheap philipino working but overall I'd prefer someone UK-based who I can trust tand talk to on Skype regularly.
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