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Wanted: Someone to add a load of games to my WP site :)

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by Ashton, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Ashton United Kingdom

    Ashton (26) Well-Known Member Trusted Trader

    Feb 2010
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    29 is the site,

    I need someone to add about 200 games to the site, in the categories.

    These will be scheduled posts of about 2/3 games a day.

    Here is what needs to be done:

    1) Upload the file to the root folder (ftp)
    2) Make a new post
    3) Describe the game in 1 sentence
    2) Copy the embed code from another post and change the name of the game.

    I will be doing this myself at the moment, but if anyone makes a decent quote then I will happily hire them :)

    I suppose I could outsource it to india or somewhere?
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