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Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by Whois-Search, Jul 22, 2006.

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    As an aside, I see that Jeffrey Archer won his dotcom back and Tom Cruise is currently disputing If I remember correctly Madonna won back her dotcom a while ago as have other personalities. Huw Marshall (current registrant of also owns It will be very interesting indeed to see how these disputes pan out; the decisions will of course have implications for everyone who has registered someone else's name on a speculative basis.

    Looks like Wayne Rooney isn't as tolerant as Mr Lampard. ;)

    I think this is a more relevant article. Whilst it is on El Reg is is actually written by a guy from OUTLAW.

    James Conaghan
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    I think these guys are hoping to create a new market for their services...:)
    "OUT-LAW.COM is part of international law firm Pinsent Masons."

    Whilst nominet has flaws, i think your chances of "justice" on it are at least as good as in the courts, and idiot firms cant bully you into accepting their claim on you by a threat you will end up forking out tens of thousands of pounds for their legal costs. i'm sure there are legal firms out there which would love to send out a letter along the lines of..
    "we are taking you to court, and you have no case. When you loose you will be liable for our clients costs which we anticipate will come to £50k." fortunately they cant so right now so you can defend yourselves, but imagine if "bounce" had been able to do that. I think that was an appaling decision, but if you were responsible for other sides costs... help.

    that said there are some blatant cybersquatters out there, and they regretfully can get domain investors tarred with an unpleasant brush.
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    Think Logically when it comes to court costs

    I think most of us domain enthusiasts worry most about the legal costs they might incurr should they be taken to court.

    But if you offer to hand the domain over for free there is no case to bring to court and provided you keep copies of email / correspondence there is simply no liability.

    Furthermore, you as the owner being threatened can counter claim that the invidual is vindicative and pursuing you is in effect harrassing you (provided you've offer to give them the domain).

    Also, if they cliam you've made money from ownership of their domain, you can claim that the individual concerned would have not made that money as they hadnt considered buying a domain to market their services. i.e unless you acted that money would not have been earned.

    Wayne Rooney is interesting as he is very rich indeed but has decided to pursue the domains owner causing him unnecessary stress, the owner then can claim that Wayne Rooney must register every single extension ***before** he can claim he should own .com also he must actively use every extension.

    Why hasnt Rooney done that? He is known Worldwide!

    This is the way I think the law will go, If you own all other extensions you have first dibs on any new extension and possibly typos within one key on the keyboard perhaps.:rolleyes:

    Frank Lampard has been generous I think, but then £10000 to him is £50 to the rest of us, lucky chap :mrgreen:
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