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Web Design Manchester - 8,000 local exact!

Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by cc976a, May 22, 2010.

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    Due to lack of time I am selling a web design site. The sites URL -

    is searched for approx 8,000 local exacts per month (minus extension of course - which is a .net).

    The site has been live for around 6 months. Has earnt high £xxx from this one client who came from a Google search.

    It really is a fantastic point for existing designers to add to their model and take on additional clients in a different / same area - or a new company wishing the enter the market at a higher rung. Whichever way it is a great opportunity.

    I simply no longer have any time available to devote to any new clients, so I have been turning away work and quotation requests. It's pointless me trying to carry on with this so am happy to pass on to someone who is going to be able to get more use from than I will.

    This is targeting one of the biggest cities in the UK - and only looking for offers around £325 for a very quick sale!!!!
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