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Web development + Adwords + Analytics: 1 day a week for a year

Discussion in 'Services Wanted' started by fungi, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I've posted this on a couple of freelance sites, i thought it might be of interest to some one on Acorn:

    I’m looking for an all rounder, to work on my various web projects part time.

    It would best suit someone who works from home and is looking to supplement their income with some regular money, though the hours will be flexible.

    On average you will be expected to work a day a week (9hours) for a year. There will definitely be an opportunity for more work and the length of the contract could be extended if it’s working for both of us.


    Management of Nominet TAG, including application for TAG
    Web site development, a good understanding of web design, HTML PHP PHOTOSHOP, DATABASES etc
    Some literacy skills, to update articles, source articles etc
    Data input and research
    Google analytics
    Google Adwords

    About me

    Firstly, let me say I love the Internet, for all it’s faults I think it is a fantastic, powerful tool and believe it has endless possibilities. I want to add something positive and useful and hopefully make some money on the way.

    My main business is Shopfitting, I own a very busy company and I work 60+ hours a week, which I enjoy but ultimately would like to move into something web based.

    I have a few website ideas that I think would make money, if I had the time to implement them. I have about 1000 domains mostly’s, acquired since 2000. They vary in quality, some are quite good, a lot are above average, loads are ok and of course I have my fair share of rubbish.

    PM me if interested

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