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Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by domsaleuk, Jan 19, 2013.

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    1 - BIN price for weekend only £475 - Good name in what I would think is probably a growing sector. Lots of PPC advertisers with a PPC price of £9.39 according to keywordspy.

    By my estimate based on exacts of 170 and PPC rate above, this should earn circa £110 per month just via PPC income as a very small site on an EMD - however opportunity to develop into a much larger niche site in a sector where valuable products can be sold is good and with a little bit of development this should be able to become a very lucrative purchase.

    Other option is that this could be a great flip for someone with sales ability to sell to an end user as to the right end user I think this name should be worth x,xxx +

    PM please if interested
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