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What I have done,

Discussion in 'General Board' started by Domain Giant, Sep 26, 2012.

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    What I have done with the domains I have bought...

    Hello everybody, hope you are ALL ok.

    I have never really offered any of our services on Acorn before so I thought I'd give it a try, you never know..

    10 months ago I had never built a site for affiliate marketing but fancied having a try. I started buying domains on here and I must say I really really enjoy it all. The below will explain quite briefly some of the affiliate sites we've been developing, all from the domains we have purchased from other acorn members... so, if you have sold me something you might be interested to see what we have done with it.

    I will just list some of my domain purchases and you can look at what my team has created;

    BedAndBreakfast/org/uk powered by an XML feed from Laterooms, the main purpose of the site is to flip users to Laterooms as quickly as possible, hence the search form from Laterooms directly on the left.

    The main keyword "Bed And Breakfast" is the target but we knew people would also search for a location as well, so we created a database with hundreds of UK towns/cities and sectioned them off into different regions, North East, Yorkshire, Scotland etcetera etcetera combining this database with the XML feed provided by Laterooms we can display targeted hotels based on locations searched by the user, so for example "Bed And Breakfasts Whitby" will one day show our website and we plan to do this for the other 100+ locations.

    The same technique is used for some of our other sites, where we will combine XML, CSV and any other kind of format to with locations/areas, examples of these include MotorhomeHire/org/uk, CampervanHire/org/uk, CityBreaksEurope/co/uk, HotelEngine/co/uk, TheatreTicketsLondon/org/uk, CarParkingManchesterAirport/org/uk.

    As we got more into the affiliate marketing side of things we discovered TradeDoubler, who provide easy to use affiliate tools and feeds.

    Our first foray with TradeDoubler led to the creation of BabyPrams/co/uk. This was built from the ground up using TradeDoubler as the provider of aforementioned feeds. At a certain point in the day BabyPrams will contact TradeDoubler and request an updated product feed from selected companies, at the moment this includes Mothercare and Tesco. The CSV is cached locally onto our server where it is cleansed for any irregularities and then imported into a MySQL database, during this time email alerts are sent out to the necessary people stating the current progress, file size, total products, products which are broken, total after broken products are removed and total time taken.

    Some of the results can be seen on BabyPrams/co/uk, LeatherSofas/org/uk, UKOfficeFurniture/co/uk, MemoryFoamMattress/org/uk and WomensUnderwear/org/uk, keep in mind these are what we would consider still under construction and so there maybe a few bits unfinished at this moment in time.

    So, if you have a domain and you want a new sexy site building PM me and we can have a chat.

    Thanks for reading and if you like / dislike my sites and you have any constructive comment I’d love to hear them, as I said I’m relatively new to this
    so I might have a lot wrong...


    p.s. I’m still always looking to buy new domains, so if you have a product/service domain that looks to fall in to the above category please PM me with the domain and asking price.
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