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What makes a good extension to you?

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by developers, May 29, 2015.

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    May 2015
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    Many people use domain extensions as part of their branding.. I still believe in a .com base if you are able to get it as a starting point.. i have always felt this way for the past 10 years.. I do however own and have also expanded into my reserved .uk counterparts.. I also own a vast amount of other country extensions.

    I already have a large base myself.. Just out of general discussion do you feel that the New GTLDS are worth building on? I don't myself as some of these new extensions may vanish over the coming years therefore you would lose all your effort especially if other people registering such are a 'startup'..

    How would you feel building on say a .me extension and never getting near the other 'main' extensions.. If i was a newbie i couldn't live with myself but could you get over this? (I'm not a newbie - just have a new forum account)

    Is it me being hard headed about needing to own the lot (main extensions) or do others feel this way? It is me being in an age-old bubble? I would like to state that the new extensions have not interested me at all and i do not own any, so my obsession is only with long term standard extensions i guess..

    Thanks for your feedback well appreciated :cool:
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