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What should I do now?

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by Skeggy, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Skeggy

    Skeggy New Member

    Aug 2007
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    Yes I'm new on here and asking a question :rolleyes: Sorry!

    But just in case your interested.......

    I made a stupid mistake and forgot to renew a .com domain name I have.
    The company I brought it though have always emailed with renewal but this time they didn't.

    It ran out in March but I didn't notice until the site went down last weekend.

    The company are now making excuses about how it managed to stay 'live' long after it should have been de-registered.

    Whois search says that the the name is due to expire in March 2008.

    But guess what the company are willing to 'sell' me the renewal at an inflated price :mad:

    Who can I moan to about this, what I consider, to be underhand practice?

    Nominet pointed me to Verisign but their website doesn't have any link, that I could find, to make a complaint.

    Ok you can just laugh/call me stupid but a bit of advise would be much appreciated:D

    I supposed the worst case would be to wait until March 2008 and hope the don't renew so it becomes available to buy.

  2. Domain Forum

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  3. Whois-Search United Kingdom

    Whois-Search Well-Known Member

    Dec 2004
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    If the domain is still in RGP then you should be able to renew it (even if they ask for a few hundred dollars):

    If your registrar renewed the domain name instead of letting it drop then I suggest you complain to Verisign and ICANN. And send them a nasty letter threatening legal action. You might also be able to use this:

    If they did let it drop and someone else now has it - you will have to use UDRP and WIPO:

    Or make them a offer lower than the wipo fees.
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