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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by selfpleasured, Oct 14, 2007.

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    Each one of these were set up with a search back-end, using only affiliate / sponsor URLs, thus when a surfer comes to the site, searches for and finds what they want and then is forwarded on to that site or item, if a purchase is made, you get a percentage or set amount of that sale, cookies in most cases are set for 90 days thus even if the purchase isn't made at that moment you can still with in that time frame receive credit for that sale.

    all of these sites are getting some traffic and the amount varies, however all will increase in traffic as all have been submitted to all the major search portals and have been set up to be picked up by those portals, i am open to offers on these per site or for the lot , if needed i can host on my servers at 6 dollars per month per site or i can move to your servers.(hosting)

    One advantage to this is if you park pages you could begin to use this as the back-end for your parked pages and park them your self so to speak by putting up a generic type page with a search box powered off one of these sites back ends.

    you would of course have to add your affiliate URLs and remove mine, which i can show you how to do and is fairly easy. all are registered at Godaddy with approx 1 yr left PR1 PR2

    Traffic Varies on the sites with PR on average about 200-300 hits per day all search engine traffic Asking 150.00 euro per site
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