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Discussion in 'NON-UK websites for sale' started by funkster, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Oct 2007
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    I have a Sony PSP related website for sale. Its currently PR3 and is usually in the first position on Google for its primary keywords and is also on the first page (position 8/9) for its secondary keyword.

    Its currently being indexed once / twice per week and has 830 current links according to Google Webmaster. Google has 179 pages indexed, Yahoo 229 pages and MSN 439 pages. All the major SEs index this site on a regular basis.

    There were 35,000 unique visitors and 215,000 page views in Sept 2007. The html & css are both fully validated (except for the affiliate links).

    The site earns money from Google AdSense, Auctions and Affiliate Links.

    The site is unique html code, ie. no templates used.

    For clarification - for sale: domain name, html pages, css file, all images.

    As this is a domain, transfer is very easy and will be done via the normal nominet forms.

    Please send me a PM for further info.

    Note - stats correct as of 15th Oct 2007.
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