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    The domain Custom Programming and Web Design. Freelance programmers and web designers :: and the developed website is for sale, the website is a turnkey based website.

    Custom Programming and Web Design. Freelance programmers and web designers :: connects professional freelancers to webmasters providing both freelancers and webmasters the opportunity to expand their business and reduce their costs.

    This business is fully automated and totaly hands free and the website data is not encrypted and it can be altered by a coder or designer.

    How it works is that people looking for freelance work ("freelancers") signup, and webmasters ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site. Freelancers bid on the projects, the buyer picks the bid he likes, and the project begins. You can take any commission you want based on the bid amount! It's a lot like an auction, but the buyer has more control over it. All you have to do is promote the service. Absolutely everything else is done by the script, even money deposits! This type of service often gets people coming back to use it several times, it has the potential to grow very quickly.

    Advanced admin gives you maximum control:

    Manage list of banned usernames, e-mails, and IPs.

    View financial information, such as deposits, withdrawals, and a monthly profit report!

    Delete accounts, suspend accounts, give special status, add/remove funds, and more.

    Refund project commissions.

    Track last recorded login times and delete inactive accounts.

    Find and close projects.

    E-mail all members.

    E-mail address must be confirmed before finishing signup process, and whenever a member changes it.

    E-mail addresses are kept confidential, and you can choose to ban other contact information.

    Create unlimited job categories.

    Allow users to pick only one category or several.

    When a project is posted, freelancers who might be interested are automatically notified.

    When a freelancer places a bid, he can choose to be notified when someone places a bid lower than his bid.

    Individual message boards for each project!

    Private messages can be posted on message board.

    Messages can be sent to another user by e-mail, all web based, thus keeping e-mail addresses hidden.

    Buyer can extend the end date on their project. You decide the maximum days.

    Buyer can pick a freelancer anytime they want.

    All users can be rated after they take part in a project.

    Ratings and reviews are displayed for eveyone.

    You can give discounts to users based on their ratings.

    Allow buyers to pay to have their project featured. Which means a graphic appears beside it, and you can choose to waive your commission on such projects.

    A members account gets frozen automatically if their balance is below zero for a certain amount of days. Thus encouraging people to deposit money and pay your commission. deposits are also completely automatic.

    Any other types of deposits can still be done by the admin.

    Members can transfer money to another member. This is how buyers pay freelancers for a project.

    And so many more features!

    There are no members or ranking on the website as its not been optimized or submitted to Search engines and no link backs.
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    Quick sale - asking price £34 O.N.O
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