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Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by DNSales-com, Aug 24, 2009.

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    High class Yacht domains for sale i will sell individually or as a bulk deal

    These are the perfect investments. sold for $2.2 Million…… sold for over a Million…… just went on the Market for $82 Thousand sold for $150,000

    i inquierd about they said

    $1. million my freind has he rejected a $80,000 offer

    MegaYachts are the biggest luxury yachts to charter and prices start at $200,000 per week thats the cheapest this website has mega yacht charters prices at 90,000 euro a day thats almost $1,000,000 a week Melitas Marine Mega Yacht Charter over 140 feet and also this site Mega yacht charters - Motor Yachts over 150 ft sold last year for $150,000 2007 Final Year to Date Domain Sales Charts

    Mega Yacht Charters is the second most searched mega yacht phrase. And the second highest valued megayacht .com name valued by estibot apart from People who search this phrase are some people who plan on chartering a mega yacht mainly people with huge cash they get charted out for parties, wedding, celebrity vacations ecs,ecs. And some people who just typ in mega yachts are just looking at mega yacht pictures and people who type in mega yach charters are looking to charter one . And its a growing business thiers more and more new millionaires each day that are after luxury vacations.

    I noticed Mega Yacht Charters is a website it was registard in 2002 and so is Melitas Marine Mega Yacht Charter, Megayacht Charter Sales in Greece and the Mediterranean

    I think the traffic that these names get could be very expensive traffic if some customers are planning on spending $200,000 pluss

    320 exact searches for mega yacht charters

    offers please guys i have to sell because i need the cash i'm selling all the domains below

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