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AMA with Helmuts, founder of HostMaria, London Domain Summit, $Maria Coin, & owner of DNForum, Acorn

Discussion in 'AMA (Ask Me Anything)' started by Helmuts, Oct 11, 2023.

  1. Helmuts

    Helmuts Administrator Staff Member

    May 2010
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    1000000% :) I am an absolute Acorn fanboy :) .. DNF is very cool and important, of course - it is more corporate/long-term. Acorn is a family, isn't it?

    And, today, Acorn is much more important to the success of the Summit.. also, posed a possible risk, that (if the owner had a grunch against me) > they could take down the Summit.. DNForum can't do this, and the proof is that my account is restricted at Namepros and I almost can't post ANYTHING there (even can't put a simple Like) - no negative effects on the Summit.

    does this help? .. UK DN pros (investors and companies) + Acorn + Summit = strong and growing UK dn scene