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Aquiring Existing Design, Marketing, Service related businesses

Discussion in 'Website Wanted' started by Adam H, Jan 20, 2021.

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    Looking to take on any small web design, SEO, website maintenance etc service business with existing client bases.

    Maybe you've retired/retiring, or had to take a full time job due to the current Covid situation. Wanting to get a bit of cash in your pocket and ease the stress of working full time and managing customers. Why not pass things over to someone who will care for your clients as much as you have!

    Requirements as as follows
    • Brand, domain, social media, business listing accounts, digital assets all to be included.
    • Current client base to primarily be monthly/recurring and responsive.
    • Client base must be primarily physical businesses.
    • Must have been opperating over a year
    • Ideally 20+ clients but would consider small numbers
    • You care for your customers and want to pass them on to someone who is customer service focused
    Reasonable budget available depending on existing revenue and expenses, risk, potential. Not looking for big acquisitions, around the £x,xxx - £xx,xxx range but primarily looking for a handful of aquisitions in the £xxxx range rather than one or two in the higher bracket.
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