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Beatie F'ing Broadband

Discussion in 'ISP' started by Ellis, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. Ellis United Kingdom

    Ellis Active Member

    Aug 2005
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    In my desperate attempts to get a static IP, Beatie Broadband have made a catastrophic error at the exchange and as a result my broadband has been cut off. Can it be fixed? - well, according to the highly trained staff at Beatie all need to do is turn off my machines and routers, stand on my head for 15 minutes with my eyes closed, do 600 sit ups and 1 press up, turn my machine back on and not only will my broadband be reactived I'll have my static IP and and a 20MBPS connection.

    So can it be fixed, apparently....NO

    I've spent over 20 hours over the past 3 days being transfered from one idiot to the next speaking to every dildo from Dundee to Delhi and Bombay to Basingstoke at a cost of £18 per hour courtesy of o2 and BT's 0800 numbers

    So why can't it be fixed...

    Apparently some plank put a stop order on my line.... ok, no prob.... get me a reactivation, it's take 10 days and I'm f**king furious but just do it, coz like everyone else I'm stuffed without Bband.

    Yesterday I get a call from an engineer... "I'm sorry sir, we can't activate this line for broadband coz theirs already broadband installed on it" No sh*t Sherlock!

    So far I've been told, I don't exist, my username is has been changed, Beatie network is down, I have and oustanding balance and my account has been blocked, unblocked, blocked and unblocked again, none of my 5 new and almost new modems and routers are working, I'm an idiot....... and too many other things to list.

    My crime - asking for a MAC code to transfer to plusnet.

    The conclusion - Beatie can no longer help as they've exhausted all their line tests and configs.

    How do I know for a fact the problem is down to Beatie? - I've had 4 almost years undisturbed phone & broadband service at this property. On Wednesday morning my lines are cut off, dead - when they come back on at 8 oClock at night - broadband is dead.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a gun? PM me
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  3. retired_member16

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    Apr 2005
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    Pay peanuts get monkeys - lots of Cowboys out there.
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  4. bb99 United Kingdom

    bb99 Well-Known Member

    Mar 2005
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    I'd suggest you call BT's corporate office and ask to speak to Frank Spencer.

  5. ratboy United Kingdom

    ratboy Well-Known Member Acorn Supporter

    Sep 2005
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    Bad luck mate. 5 modems... whoooooowwwwwwwwww!!!
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