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Corona please read very important

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by dougs, Mar 15, 2020.

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    If anyone in a private business that had such a shocking track record with their computer modelling, they would be looking for a different job. The foot and mouth debacle which Ferguson had a hand in is explained in this very interesting documentary and shows a long standing relationship between Imperial College and their use to government when scary figures are needed. The fact they're consistently shown to be wildly inaccurate time and again doesn't seem to matter.

    Imperial College (who employs Ferguson) have received over $200m from Bill Gates over the last 15 years or so...here are some more entities who have had payments from Bill Gates;

    Chris Whitty - Chief Medical Officer
    The BBC
    The Guardian
    Johns Hopkins University
    Gavi - one of the biggest funders is the UK Gov...here's a line from their site; "Long-term commitments to Gavi in the form of direct contributions from donors and investors allow us to provide programme predictability to countries as well as to shape vaccine markets." my emphasis added. It's a business.
    WHO (now their biggest funder since The US pulled out.
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    So he got his numbers wrong in the past so we didn't need to lockdown is that your take home?

    Your forgetting though the modeling on this had better data all the people in china than later the 1000's in italy.
    And guess what now the 10'000 of thousands here with a lockdown I dont no what your saying really or do you believe all these people arent dying.
    The 3 postive people I xrayed this morning with bi lateral pneumonia didnt exist I guess.
    I know the lockdown is bad I wish it didn't have to happen but the government mucked up at the start and now we are in the shit we cant magicaly make all the people now infected not be infected. What do you want to happen now?
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    I've deleted some posts and issued a warning or two. I will try and moderate this thread more, if I see even one line that has a pop at someone directly the entire post maybe removed. This is the last step attempt before thread closing. Control yourselves because I'd personally like to see intellectual discussion and sharing of reports, statistics and findings.
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    Correct, what was the policy before this model appeared? Seemed like a good one to me. It was fully explained, social distancing and one up to one month of a lock down just before it's peak. Remember them saying we only got one shot at this so it needs to be at the right time? Well, because of this model, they pulled the trigger and the hospitals are now under capacity, Nightingale hospitals are stood empty all across this country. If there is another peak, guess what, people won't take it seriously and won't follow a lock down, they blew it.

    Did it take into account Australia's apocalyptic 45 deaths? or did they just put data into that model that would be scary? It's assuming a lot of things, is it even the same strain as Italy and China?

    I don't know why you are confused, perhaps you haven't read what I have been writing. Yes it is a deadly disease, yes healthy fit people are dying, but it is no worse than flu and we don't shut down the economy and kill thousands of people for flu. Please don't post that I'm saying it is the same as flu, because that is the habit. I'm saying it is no worse than flu on mortality numbers.

    Why are you making up false arguments? Whether or not it is a pneumonia is a whole different debate.

    They didn't muck up from the start, they took a measured scientific approach that would have avoided a second wave. In March they panicked and went into lock down because someone with a dubious past said 500,000 people would die.

    What would I do? Open up the country, zero restrictions. People will natural social distance themselves, people aren't stupid, they won't need to be told. Vulnerable people should be advised to stay in doors. More soap dispensers, advise people to wear masks where possible to limit the spread and let's get back towards normality.
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